Guddali Pooje for development works
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Development works inauguration

On August 3rd, Sri R Ashok, former Deputy CM, Karnataka and MLA, Padmanabhanagar Constituency, Bangalore South performed guddali pooje for various road retarring and roadside drainage development programs for Ganesh Mandir Ward 165 comprising areas of Banashankari 2nd Stage. The inauguration of various development works allocated to the ward under BBMP city development plan started around 10-30am in the morning.

On this occasion,  free bicycles were distributed to poor residents and a scooter with three wheels was provided to differently abled person by Smt Lakshmi Umesh, corporator/councillor for the ward  and Sri Umesh Kabbal. These vehicles were provided under a scheme by BBMP welfare department.

Large number of residents showed for the inauguration ceremony held in front of office of Ganesh Mandir Ward 165.

Guddali Pooje for development works

Guddali pooje done for road retarring, roadside drainage development by R Ashok. Smt. Lakshmi D H and Sr Umesh Kabbal also seen

Sr R Ashok inaugurating development works

Road retarring and roadside drainage development works inaugurated by Sri R Ashok

R Ashok distributing bicycles poor residents

R Ashok, Smt Lakshmi D H and Sri Umesh Kabbal seen donating bicycles to residents of Ganesh Mandir Ward

Scooter donation to physically challenged resident

Scooter with three wheels donated to the differently abled resident by Smt Lakshmi Umesh and Sri Umesh Kabbal

Residents gathered for the event

Residents of Banashankari 2nd Stage attending the event

Development Works Inauguration for Ganesh Mandir Ward

Welcome invitation for residents for development works inauguration ceremony for Ganesh Mandir Ward

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