2016 Developments Report

C.T.Bed Concrete Road

Revisiting the developmental works and progress that happened in 2016 in Banashankari 2nd Stage

Looking back at the previous year 2016, we have had a number of changes in Ganesh Mandir Ward to which majority of Banashankari 2nd Stage belongs to. Our corporator Mrs.Lakshmi Umesh and her team from BBMP were able to pull off a few accomplishments. Here is a list of those that come to my mind –

1) In early 2016, a large number of roads in the residential areas of Banashankari 2nd Stage were in real bad shape with a number of potholes and cracks. We were perhaps lagging behind few other wards when it came to road laying/maintenance – this has now been addressed.

In 2016, most of these roads have been asphalted and relaid. This is a significant relief for the many residents.

Road asphalted Banashankari

Roads asphalted – this road was in real bad condition before.

Tarred Road Near BDA Complex

Newly tarred road near to BDA complex.

Road Asphalted BSK 2nd Stage

This road was full of potholes and numerous humps created to discourage residents from using the road. The potholes are gone and humps marked neatly. There were no entry signs from all directions (essentially a private layout with no entry) and it is welcome to see at least one of the no entry signs removed.

The C.T.Bed concrete road was another major accomplishment. One of the residents who stays nearby told me that unlike some of the previous efforts, the quality of work was commendable.

C.T.Bed Concrete Road

C.T. Bed concrete road that came up in mid-2016

2) A few BDA parks were modernized or transformed noticeably. This is an ongoing effort which will continue this year.

Park being modernized

Park being modernized in Banashankari 2nd Stage

– A small abandoned children’s park in 27th Cross was transformed into shiny new Seniors’ Gym. Have noticed many juniors and seniors using this outdoor gym regularly though I had apprehensions initially that this one too may suffer the same fate as earlier children’s park – unused and neglected.

Senior's Gym in Banashankari 2nd Stage

Brand new Seniors’ gym came up in just a few months time near 25th cross.

– The BDA park in Banagiri area was renovated and a children’s play area named “Putani Prapancha” was added. Seems to be a hit with children in that area judging by the crowd in the park.

BSK Banagiri Park

The children’s play area added to the Banagiri BDA Park.

– A number of other parks are being renovated or modernized (see photos) and few borewells were dug to ensure sufficient water supply to the park flora and fauna. Total of 6 parks have been identified for development but I am not sure how much progress has been made in each of these parks in 2016.

BSK Park Gate Makeover

The park gate getting a makeover.

BDA Park walkway being created

BDA Park with additional walkway created – work ongoing.

3) A number of events were held to help achieve cleaner environment and to raise awareness among residents about importance of caring for our environment for our own health and well-being.

– More than 150 tree samplings were planted on the sides of the roads. Some have survived so far and hope they grow into trees to provide us with badly needed relief from heat and sun. We citizens have to be proactive in caring for these plant samplings – at least the ones planted in front of our residences. BBMP cannot do much unless we take the responsibility to maintain the tree planting work that has been initiated.

– A number of events and competitions for children were held to raise awareness about environment upkeep. There were probably a dozen tree planting, “Swach Bharat” and “Smart City” related events organized in our ward in 2016. Ours was one of the first wards to go “plastic-free” which was kickstarted with a plastic free campaign attended by then Mayor of Bangalore.

– A few trees were cleared of ads/paper, beautified, painted and some manure rich soil was supplied. This was done as part of event named “Nanna Mara Nanna Sampathu” presided by union minister Mr.Ananthkumar.

4) Should appreciate Mrs. Lakshmi Umesh for constantly bringing the pourakarmikas into focus for the invaluable work they do to keep our area clean and healthy. Caring for pourakarmikas is NOT something that would fetch any political rewards but still Mrs.Lakshmi and her husband Mr.Umesh Kabbal always seem to have something in mind for the them.

– Anna Theru was an initiative started and run for a long time in Ganesh Mandir Ward to help provide free morning meal to the workers. This was unique to our ward, required quite a bit of funds to be spent and was later emulated by the larger BBMP and a free meal scheme for Pourakarmikas was started by BBMP for all wards this year.

– On a number of occasions, the pourakarmikas were felicitated for their untiring work. A number of events were held along these lines. Even the new year 2017 started with distribution of sweets and blankets to the pourakarmikas.

I don’t think there is any other corporator in Bangalore who has done as much as ours to care to these workers who often have to work in unhealthy conditions and whose work is often among the least appreciated by many residents. Lot of us take their work for granted but certainly not our councillor.

5) There were quite a few cultural programs and competitions in our ward in 2016. With Mrs.Lakshmi Umesh and Mr.Umesh Kabbal around, there seems be always something happening here. I am not sure this is the case with most other BBMP wards of bigger Bengaluru.

6) A number of roads saw roadside storm water drainage slabs being replaced and some footpaths were renovated.

– We saw some E-Toilets and RO Water Dispensers being installed in the ward although I am not sure how many are being maintained/used.

e-toilet BSK BDA Complex

A number of e-toilets were installed near parks.

Overall, progress made during 2016 was something to write about. Let’s hope 2017 will be better where the momentum is maintained and we will see more progress.

One thing missing from this post – how things could have been better. I am sure residents of Banashankari 2nd Stage have many ideas/feedback around this. Pls share in the comments.

Personally I find that Mrs.Lakshmi Umesh and Mr.Umesh Kabbal really care about the feedback we provide although they have their own priorities when it comes to addressing them and getting them to act on our grievances/feedback requires reminders and persistence – at least that has been my experience.

They are reachable to the residents through the toll-free number and WhatsApp – Mr.Umesh Kabbal told me once that the messages/calls from residents start every day from 5 in the morning and continue till midnight and hence it is lot of work to go through all of the messages received. Hence, if you have any complaints or suggestions or something nice to say, you can also call or message them directly or visit the websitehttp://bbmp.sahaaya.in/ to post an official request to BBMP.